What this section (basics of toxicology) hopes to achieve

One of the more picturesque photos taken by me; environmental protection laws have played an important role in preserving nature’s beauty

As a student researcher in environmental toxicology, I have come to respect and realize the importance of this field. Environmental toxicology makes the news more often than you may realize. Children and lead; bees and insecticides; sea animals and oil spill- I am sure you have heard of it all. And some of it can be controversial issues, even within the scientific community.

The field can also evoke two extreme viewpoints; one side might want to protect every living species at all costs and the other side might want to put human development and needs above everything else. Most people take the middle ground- they are concerned about all species but human desires are important too. Unsurprisingly, the scientists in the field often look at the ‘costs’ and ‘benefits’ of every action.

And all this makes the field fascinating. The public cares. Issues can be contentious. Opinions can be extreme. And ‘risks’ need to be taken.

So if you want to learn more about environmental toxicology and the science behind decision-making, this section is for you. I will keep my posts short and simple. And if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.


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