Hi, welcome to my site!

My name is Niranjana Krishnan and I am a Ph.D. student in Toxicology at Iowa State University. I enjoy learning about environmental toxicology and I like writing. Therefore, this website was created to merge my two passions. I have tried my best to make my posts accessible to everyone, though an interest for the subject definitely helps!

If you want to learn more about my field, please feel free to browse around. Or you could check out this post first. I recommend reading Basics of Toxicology and Tox21 posts in the order they appeared. I have also included (and linked) articles that I have written for other science communication websites.

Sources and Citations

Subject matter: While I have tried to provide references wherever possible, some of the posts have incomplete or no references. This is because I learned these topics in courses I have taken during my Ph.D.

Iowa State University: Principles of Toxicology; Toxicology Methods; Pesticides in the Environment; Insecticide Toxicology; Special Topics in Insect Toxicology and Aquatic Toxicology

John Hopkins University: Toxicology 21: Scientific Applications & Evidence-based Toxicology (through Coursera)

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: Statistical Issues in Ecotoxicology

Images: To avoid any issues with copyright, all the photos/diagrams used on this site are either mine, from the public domain, or from open access journal articles (source/citation provided).


My interest for toxicology was largely kindled by Ph.D. advisor, Dr Steven Bradbury. His enthusiasm and commitment to acquiring and sharing knowledge are quite infectious! This website owes its existence to him, and to my fiancé Ardhendu Tripathy who has always encouraged and supported me.

Site Responsibility

If you see any mistakes or misconstructions on this site, please contact me  (nkrish@iastate.edu). I am solely responsible for them.